Jul 29, 2015

Cecil the Lion

There was a lion in Zimbabwe who was killed by an American hunter. This particular lion turned out to be a national mascot of sorts and it turns out that the guides and the permitting process may not have been legal. Did the hunter know he was involved in a illegal hunt? We don't know. However, many people on facebook have taken to their walls to demand that the American hunter be shot. 

What is wrong with these people?

1) even assuming the hunter knew he was acting illegally, the life of an animal, in my opinion, should not be weighed the same as a human. How many people demanding his blood for the lion's would have been skinned many times over for the leather in their shoes or the sweat from the children who assemble their clothes?

2) where is the outrage over the thousands of humans who are killed every day purely from the decisons of other humans? People are still starving to death, still being slaughtered for their religion or race.

3) the vast majority of Zimbabweans could care less about Cecil, since the nation is still suffering a sanitation crisis (over 4,000 died in a Cholera outbreak a few years ago) and major food shortages.

I know that Cecil the Lion makes a nice, catchy media soundbite, but seriously, people need to realize that the entire world does not live in American suburbia.

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