Jun 14, 2016

Prairieville II: Atlanta to New Orleans

We planned it out to have one full day to recover in Atlanta before joining family in Prairieville, but it didn’t quite work out that way. There was a bit of miscomunication, and Saori’s mom and brother ended up coming in a day earlier than expected. Saori and I borrowed the car and drove out to pick up some expensive and delicious donuts from Revolution Donuts around the corner (clear winner: Georgia peaches and cream donut slider). We munched on those while setting up a massive kiddypool for J and P to splash around. It was a lovely Georgia day. Warm, sunny, summery, a touch humid. We had ordered a few things to be picked up in Atlanta, so we had a fun morning opening boxes and putting stuff together.
One of the good ideas we had this trip was to get new sim cards with data while we were in the US, so I slotted those in and we were ready to rock and roll wherever we were in the US for the whole 14 days.
Saori and her sister went to get manicures after Tim got home from the hospital, and I took the car to go pick up Yoshiko-san and Kazuma.
It was nice to drive again. I am still a bit nervous, and actually, I tell everyone I’m driving with not to talk to me, but it was nice to feel the road and pass the miles. Picked up Saori’s family without any problems. Got them some iced coffees from Starbucks, loaded them into the car, and apologized I couldn’t chat with them on the ride back. But I did get them back safely to Ayumis place.
When we pulled up, everyone was outside, splashing in the kiddy pool. It was Kazuma’s first time to see Atlanta, and the first time in ten years that Saori’s mother got to see all of her children together, as well as the first time to meet P, who was really a bit disconcerted about this new person who insisted on holding her. Ayumi made a fantastic pot roast that night for dinner. Yoshiko-san didn’t realize Tim was going to bless the meal so she was actually sitting down with her second plate when we all bowed our heads.
Saori and I took the couches that night, and we were up again by 4:30AM the next day for our flight to New Orleans. Tim offered to take us, but he looked really tired from his shifts at the hospital, and I knew that hosting so many people takes a toll, so I was happy to decline. Besides, I was itching to try Uber. It worked. Exceedingly well. Second thing I was really really happy about this trip. Cheaper than taxi, much faster than public transportation. We Ubered to airports and restaurants from Atlanta to New Orleans to Portland. It was great. Actually, I barely remember our uber ride to the airport and the flight to New Orleans; we had entered the whirlwind. 

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