May 21, 2015

26 days later

So this is what has happened in the past 26 days:

I have been to four countries on three continents. I woke up in Ponca City, Oklahoma City, Stuttgart, Munich, Amsterdam, and Yokohama. I bought coffee in Atlanta, beer in Detroit, and Turkish delight in Istanbul. I passed through Schipol airport in Amsterdam four times.

I put in four days at the office, most of them working late. I think I spent as many hours in layovers and international flights as I did at the office.

I have been devestated at the loss of one of my Grandmothers, and delighted by the opportunities to see so much of my family. In these 26 days, I saw my father, my mother and her husband, my surviving Grandmother, my brother on two separate occations and in two different continents, all of my aunts and uncles and cousins on my mother's side, my cousin and his family on my dad's side, and all of Saori's immediate family.

I got approximately 5 hours of sleep, total, in that time period. I have done a lot of scrambling and been more than a little scrambled. I am counting my jet-lag in days since I am still mentally a city behind. After I left my blue blazer in Ponca City, I bought a new one in Stuttgart the day before yesterday, specifically to wear to Dew's wedding. Yesterday, I forgot to pack it for the flight to Japan. This is the second time I have forgotten to grab my jacket in 26 days. At least this time I will have it when I get home. And given my past 26 days, I can almost forgive myself for it.

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