Jun 4, 2015


The flight back to Stuttgart was not so bad. It helped that we were both exhausted and basically passed out whenever the opportunity presented itself. I slept on the bus to the airport, and more than half of the 12 hour flight to Istanbul. In Istanbul we picked up a kilo of turkish delght at the "old bazaar" at the airport, and then it was a short 3 hour flight that we slept through back to Stuttgart. We got home a little after 11pm.

I went into work the next day, got up to speed on what the situation was in the office and started working on my latest project. Took off work around 3 when jet lag really started kicking in and went grocery shopping with Saori since we basically came back to an empty refrigerator. Fortunately, perishables are cheap in Germany.

Worked a normal work day yesterday, until a little after 6. I am so out of the habit. Around 3pm, I started looking around for a beer, or an iced coffee or something. Not used to this whole "professional" thing.

Thankfully, today is a state holiday because it's Corpus Chirsti. Already really hot outside, at least 30 C. We walked to stadtmitte and back. Everyplace was filled with people with red banners visiting a huge multiday "church days" festival of religiosity. One of the squares was even taken up by a bunch of Martin Luther themed booths and tents.

Still tired from the jet lag and the heat.

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