Nov 14, 2015

weekend minutae

A few items from the local edition...

Work goes well enough. Boss 1 wants me to concentrate more on the development and renovation of an historic building in town, and let R act in more of a support role while I take the lead. This would jibe with the new desk across from A, which is at least twice as big as the one I was working at before. I was asked to swap with C, the older draftsman, which at least suggests to me that they really do intend that I take on more responsibility in the office, ready or not. It is still so hard to communicate that I still cannot pick up the phone and call someone which is precisely what architects really need to do. I still feel so out of my league in terms of project experience, compounded with the language fluency. It's a struggle.

Friday, I was back in Stuttgart early, as usual, and R dropped me at the mall since that was where he was meeting a friend, so I swung by the electronics store to pick up a new cable for Saori and ended up picking up a new Nexus 9 on steep discount since it was the floor model. Uptime was only 8 days, and it was far cheaper in euros than I could get in the US. Sadly, the Euro to dollar has fallen so hard that this is true. Anyway, I have a new tablet, which is cool. Also did a bunch of grocery shopping and dropped it all off at home. 

I wanted to bring Saori a treat since she was working late again so I swung by the little Italian cafe on the corner. They mostly sell ice cream but also coffees, and the tables in front are always filled, it seems, with Italians. Inside, in the narrow space, I actually only heard Italian spoken. I got a cappuchino to go and delivered it to Saori who was thrilled to see me.

Despite the horrible boss and conditions she is working under now, she said that it was actually worse on a project she had while I was in Mexico and in the US. 

We made apple-banana pancakes this morning for breakfast and then took a stroll over to a nice cafe across town. Then we strolled over to the flower shop and picked up a little chili plant for a former coworker of mine who was having a WG/birthday party tonight.

We made lasagna for dinner for the first time. Lots of substitutions so we should probably try the original next time. Goat cheese and gouda instead of Ricotta and mozzarella. A layer of sliced zuchinni. It turned out really good actually. We did the cheat version and didn't pre-cook the pasta, cooking it instead in the oven with a bit of water and moisture from the sauce. Learned a few things. One for the recipe book.

I started writing down some of the recipes I cook often in a notebook. Tablets are good, but I like to have something more permenant that stays on that I can get a little flour or water on. It's nice to be able to add notes and commentary. Really I should probably just print the recipes I find online and bind them together. 

Saori was too tired to go the party, and she really only knew a few people there, so I went for an hour or so, bringing our carefully wrapped gift with us. Everyone really likes us, we get invitations to parties and dinners every weekend- Saori is so overworked that usually I am the one who makes the social appeareances these days. Unfortunately, she even has to work sunday, although I am going to cook us up some eggs for breakfast. 

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