Jul 25, 2017

email, German style

More from the To Do list:
  • Correct ad at IFA
Saturday, I posted an ad for our apartment for rent at IFA, the German language school frequented by a lively mixture of young international professionals, Indian Bosch engineers, and American military intelligence analysts living on the nearby base. 

I didn't hear anything on Sunday, which was ok, maybe due to the weekend. I didn't hear anything monday either, which was odd. I took another look at the email address I used, one I had set up through Deutsche Post, their "epost" service. I had registered for the account because it offered free fax service, which meant I could send a pdf as a fax to a number, and I figured I could use it as a separate email account. About that... I opened up a new message to send a test message to myself. Way too many fields in the "recipient" area. It turns out to be literally an electronic messaging service. Even though I have an email-type address, there's no actual email. You write an email and they print it, stuff it in an envelope, and physically mail it to the recipient. In my defense, everything is in German with this account. 

So I set up a new GMX account instead, and today after work, I swung back by IFA to scratch out the old non-email email and write the new one in.

I hope it was actually all moot- one of Saori's coworkers wants the apartment and is willing to buy the furntiure. So I sent her info to the owners and asked if we are ok to invite her to a meeting between all of us next week. 

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