Aug 16, 2017

auf wiedersehen

Alles hat eine ende; nur eine Wurst hat zwei.

[everything has an end. Only a sausage has two.] As good an illustration of German humor and philosophy as any. We've come to our end here in Germany. Bags are packed and weighed, apartment is clean. 

Maybe it's because I'm a guy. Maybe it's because Saori was raised in Japan with different standards of cleanliness, but moving cleaning always highlights our two different standards of what is "clean." Saori wanted to wash the outside of the windows, where I thought it was good enough maybe to wipe off the extra greasy window handles over the stove. We compromised. She did a lot of cleaning. I did a lot of hauling (see previous post).

Tomorrow we leave Germany, and I'm wiped.

Auf wiedersehen ... !
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