Aug 31, 2017

ride to the pacific

We toasted some of the leftover waffles mom and Saori made in the toaster oven for breakfast and watched the early bird show outside since we were also up early to catch the recycling trucks.

I went on a short hike after breakfast, catching a good look at another coyote who warily regarded me before loping away. I sent a note to the property manager and shortly after got an email reply. She had apparently tried to leave me a voice message yesterday, and due to the bad connection, or my burner sim card, nothing got recorded and I never saw it. We were approved for the apartment. Cue the scramble.

I ran over to my bank and took out a cashiers check for the deposit, and then picked up Saori and went to her bank for the first month's rent. We then hit FedEx and overnighted the two checks to Portland. Afterwards, we took a breather at Starbucks for some iced coffee, and headed over to BestBuy to get Saori a new phone. 

Saori's iPhone 5 is in sad shape. The screen is falling off and it's statiky, like someone is jamming the communications. So we got her an unlocked Moto G5 Plus, which is very highly reviewed, water resistant, and a third of the price of a new iPhone. 

We headed home afterwards, drained. How do people in Phoenix manage? I'm drained driving in the middle of the day. I don't even go near the roads in rush hour. 

Ordered Papa John's pizza for dinner, the first time I've had American pizza for dinner in several years. Even though I can't enjoy Taco Bell anymore, I still love papa johns takeout with it's shamelessly garlic butter sauce. 
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