Oct 27, 2015

Dia de los muertos

Last Saturday, Saori and I set up our Offrenda (alter) for the Dias de los muertos which will be this weekend. We bought a lot of fresh flowers, candles, and set up photos and drawings of family we have lost, and set out things that they owned or were accustomed to.

Saori set out a cigarette for her grandfather, as well as a banana (his favorite and typical breakfast) and a green Hokkaido pumpkin which was another favorite dish.
This year, I specially honored my grandma Betty and Grandpa Case since sadly she too recently passed away. To remember her, I set out her Tennis Pro magnet from her fridge, an orange, and a bottle of Malibu, since I remember she did enjoy a rum cocktail and tropical vacations. I miss her, and I have been thinking about all the other people who have gone who have also touched my life.

Saori was sick Sunday, so I stayed home and made Pan de Muerto. My first bread from yeast. Not too complicated, made with some light orange and anis flavor. It turned out well.

We are also painting and decorating our masks that we made last year but never finished. I picked up a roll of 3M metal foil tape on a whim a few months back which has been a lot of fun to turn into metal foil stickers for the skull. I should post photos soon.

We are going to go to a dia de los muertos event this weekend. Mostly a concert but also dancing and Mexican food and probably lots of drinking. Basically it's a themed concert, Mexican themed but planned by Germans for Germans as far as I can see so I'm trying to go in with low expectations. Rafa will be there, actually working the first part of the night.

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