Oct 18, 2015

engagement party

While driving to work, my friend Rafa and I talked a bit about having a Mezcal party at his place. Invite a few people over, drink some Mezcal, not too crazy. Last fridays ago, Saori and I decided we should go, so we brought some jars of salsa and tortilla chips. Rafa ended up inviting about 20 people and he was busy grilling Spanish chorizo and chicken on his tiny balcony when he arrived.

We opened some Mezcal, mingled, chatted in whatever language we could with the mix of Mexicans, Greeks and Germans, and it wasnt until the first group left wishing Saori and "congratulations" that I realized something was up.

It turns out, the occasion for the party was Saori and my engagement. This took me as a complete surprise, especially since that Rafa thought I knew what it was all about. To be honest, Rafa could have told me. We speak together mostly in German, and its possible I missed it if he mentioned it in a passing sort of way. But that's a pretty big thing to miss.

Anyway, as an engagement gift, he bought us a bottle of really good mezcal which he carried from Mexico, which is especially precious given that it is basically his alcohol allowance through customs.

Saori and I thanked him profusely. We opened the bottle there and toasted everyone and thanked them for thier warm wishes. We ended up sharing about half the bottle at the party, actually.

When the police showed up outside, we decided maybe it was time to take the party elsewhere. We walked as a large mostly drunk group to Stadtmitte to a big dance club popular with Latins and strange Germans. It was a really seedy looking joint, with loud thumping music, and I used the excuse of Saori falling asleep on my arm as an excuse to politely extract ourslves.

The next day we baked a pumpkin cake for Rafa and made a big thank-you card.

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