Feb 12, 2014

Das boots

Realizing that there is no more prefect boot then there is a perfect shirt, I went ahead and bought a pair from backcountry.com on sale. They're a little big in the toes, which was concerning but fit well everywhere else. I normally wear a 8.5 and all the reviews said order a full size larger, so I did. REIs website said that hiking boots should have toe wiggle room (so you're not slamming into the front of your boots) and should feel like theres a hand where the laces are, holding your foot against the instep and arch.

Which is good, because they're very comfortable, more like hiking sneakers. The North Face. Mid top, kind of retro styling, actually the shoe is called Back-to-Berkeley 85. Waterproof upper.

I sent a few photos to Saori since I was concerned about the office attire, but she said people at her office wore that kind of stuff all the time. So that was a relief.

Woke up with a slight hangover from the onebeer I had last night. Drinking before bed I guess. Felt crappy all day, just tired and achy and stomach not so great. Hope its just my body fighting off the flu, which is going around here.

Worked in Rhino to come up with some more designs for Phx Commons, worked on my German beer vocabulary, made some more progress in DuoLingo.

Larry got a text from Sally that the title recorded a little after 4 today, so we went over with the first load. I swapped out the door handles mom wanted swapped. There's going to be a lot of little projects.

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