Feb 19, 2014


I have a lot of small projects in addition to my larger projects. The smallest of my small projects is to waterproof my small canvas backpack with a simple wax process (except nobody apparently sells simple paraffin wax anymore except for Wal-Mart.) Stepping up the project scale is the construction of a wine rack for mom and Larry. Farther up the list are things like learning German, improving my Rhino skills, finding housing in Germany, that kind of thing.

I borrowed mom's car and drove to German class last night. Mom's stick shift car. I sweated through about two miles of stop and go traffic. I stalled the car about eight times. I really don't know how you are supposed to drive in stop and go traffic. I damn near wore out the clutch with the continual shifting from neutral to first gear. Practice, I guess. I had to wring out my shirt when I got to class.

Speaking of which, I only have one class left. And then it's spring break. Maybe I'll go to Rocky Point and stay perpetually inebriated. Maybe I'll move to Germany. Actually, I'm surprised how quickly the classes have gone. They have helped, actually. And I now have a binder of more material to work from and study to take with me. The class is such an eclectic mix. There are two guys, relatively young, who were having a lot of difficulty grasping the European switching of commas and periods in numbers. It just blew their minds. I will actually miss my classmates. I think I'm just socially deprived right now.

Anyway, I got a contract from the company in Germany and I'm looking over it today and tomorrow. I gave a copy to my German professor to look over it too. I trust them, it looks like a standard contract, but I want to make sure there isn't anything too surprising for me personally which is standard in Germany. I'll probably sign it tomorrow and send it back. No word yet if they'll fly me there, but I should find out soon.

Someone from the City of Phoenix came out to the house today to inform us that they will be picking up the cardboard boxes on Friday. I appreciated the information, but I'm not sure that it required a personal visit from a Solid Waste Department representative.

Another thing I learned today is that most "grocery stores" which are independent neighborhood convenience stores, do NOT sell hard alcohol. Just wine and beer. 

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