Dec 5, 2006

the bottom ten

I know I'm getting closer to leaving Buenos Aires when I start to really notice the negative things about living here. So here's the bottom ten list of things I dislike about Buenos Aires. Soon to follow, the top ten things I love about Buenos Aires.

10) Most Portenos speak a little English, but refuse on principle.

9) The total lack of zest and spice in Argentine cooking.

8) The fact that the Porteno personal space zone actually exists within the boundary of the body, particularly noticable in the Sardine Subtes, clown busses, and sea of people street crowds.

7) The particular bird on Soler which has a loud, annoying cry which it repeats for hours and hours and hours every morning. We at the apartment fantasize about killing it often.

6) Traffic- Busses here will kill you, and cause a high number of fatalities every year.

5) Porteno snobbery- no matter what they do, there's always the pretentiousness, vanity, and snobbery.

4) All the dog crap on the sidewalk- Portenos, you're not above cleaning after your pets.

3) Random drips of fluid from clear skies- I'm always getting dripped on from something.

2) Worst Service outside of Russia- Porteno wait staff don't hate you in particular, which is an advantage over the Russians, but only work and wait on you on their terms. They'll bring you your food when they're good and ready.

1)Secret Paver Geysers -The thing I hate the most are the loose sidewalk pavers which accumulate filthy water, runnoff, dog feces etc beneath it, and then shoots it up your leg or all over your sandaled feet when you step on the wrong tile.
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