Apr 12, 2012

The Mysterious Death Certificate of Sunny Sheu

So there's this story out about an activist who is mysteriously found dead after allegedly receiving death threats from a NY supreme court judge whom the activist claimed he had some dirt on. One version of the story here:

There's not a lot of coverage- its mostly sensationalist blog postings about it, and a few fringe websites.

On the face of it, it seems unlikely that a state supreme court judge would issue death threats, and put out a hit on someone, then conspire with the aid of the NYPD to cover up the whole thing. It's not because I wouldn't put it past judges or the NYPD to kill someone and cover it up, but as a conspiracy the whole thing is flaky.

I started with the alleged New York City Death Certificate provided by a blog:
This is a really shady document, and I'm pretty satisfied that the whole thing was made on someone's computer. Take a look: 
  1. If you look at the form, you can tell there was large diagonal writing across it which was erased, especially noticeable at the bottom left of the top form. Actually, most of the spaces with the typed writing look like it had original writing which was then erased. Look at the line provided for the writing.
  2. The form is filled out in printed text. (a) All the other certificate of death forms I've found online are filled out by hand or typed, not printed, and (b) the boxes are hand checked, which is strange, because if you're going to generate this form on the computer, why print it, and hand check the boxes?
  3. The medical examiner's signature is also printed text in a fancy script. Why isn't it a real signature? Especially if you're going to hand check the boxes anyway. 
  4. The "Signature Electronically Authenticated" seems like it was added later to make scripted signature more legit, but it's out of place because (a) you can't electronically authenticate a signature, (b) the font is different from the rest of the form (look at the lowercase a, width of the e, and the crossbar of the t), and (c) on the form, its just squeezed in there, cramming out the line below.
  5. The bottom form says the body was examined at the "Queens Medical Examiner Office" and died at "New York Medical Center Queens." First, there is no "Queens Medical Examiner Office"; there's an office of Chief Medical Examiner with a branch in Queens General Hospital. It seems strange that a medical examiner would move a body from one hospital to another to decide if the person was dead or fill out the form. 
For me, the computer printing and the erased text is pretty damning. If this document is forged, then it leads me to question the whole story. I don't know how this guy died, but someone is pushing an agenda.



I am the guy who posted the website and the death certificate.

I am also the friend of Sunny Sheu who went to the Office of Court Administration on June 23rd, 20102 to receive the document that proved the Judge's financial fraud.

I am also the person who went to identify Sunny Sheu's body three days later at the New York Hospital, Queens.

If you think that I created the death certificate on my computer, I suggest you make a FOIL request to the Chief Medical Examiner of New York City

Office of Chief Medical Examiner
Records Access Officer
421 East 26th Street, 13th Floor
New York, NY 10016

Or just send the death certificate to the medical examiner and ask if it is genuine....

It will take you far less time than it did for you to concoct your conspiracy theory.

Every document on the www.sunnysheu.blogspot.com is authentic, as the the tiniest bit of journalistic diligence will confirm.

The original source of the Sunny Sheu story is the BlackStar News, the same tiny newspaper that exposed the Bernie Kerik scandal, and collusion between the "Kony 2012" producers and the Ugandan dictatorship.

Milton Allimadi is a former NYT writer, Columbia Journalism graduate, and son of the former Ugandan Prime Minister.

Why don't you contact Milton at 646-261-7566?

Or Business Insider editor Robert Johnson, who also ran the story:

BI Editor | Military | Defense | Features
257 Park Avenue South, Floor 13
New York, NY 10010

P: 646-376-6023

If you have any questions regarding the facts of the Sunny Sheu story, please contact me or Milton at milton@blacstarnews.com

Thank you,

Will Galison
212 677 7344




"Queens Medical Examiner Office"

That's the morgue. Call 'em (718) 557-8700

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